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Automatically Cleaning Kubernetes Namespace

If you are working with Kubernetes, then chances are that you must have used namespaces to isolate your services or environments. Namespaces are a powerful way to organise your services or environments and have different policies like access control, ingress or telemetry configured for them. However, there might be scenarios where you have to clean these namespaces at specified time or interval. For example, if you have multiple developers working in your team and you want to provide them an isolated environment within your cluster (instead on their local setup, could be due to any reason like external dependency) you can use Kubernetes namespaces in this scenario. Now, when your developers want to test their code in K8s cluster, they can simply deploy their code to specific namespace(manually or through automated setup) and never worry about conflicting changes from other team members. You can have different namespaces with developer name or each git branch name. However, with this ki