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Logging Strategy For Software Applications

  Logging Strategy For Software Applications Tarun Pabbi   /  February 19, 2020 Diagnostic logging within the software applications was a powerful tool in the initial stages of the software development, where we had very few IDE’s available and even lesser with debugging support. The best way to know your code execution was by adding log statements in the flow and then analysing the logs. Even recently we follow the same approach for client-side debugging in the browser by looking at the log statements in the console. But due to new powerful debugging tools and now even remote debugging capabilities in new IDE’s like Visual Studio we put less effort on log statements. Mostly they are added only after an issue occurs in the deployed version, due to which the quality and focus of the log statement tend to be towards the problem in hand instead of the holistic approach towards code execution. Another issue we encountered with logging is the performance impact. Usually, when we require a h